Welcome to Lawyer BAE! 


LAWYEBAE LLC is a legal platform and network that connects and highlights stylish and appealing young law students and attorneys worldwide via Business and Entrepreneurship (BAE) opportunities including referrals, events and mentoring to assist those entering or aspiring to enter the legal profession. 

Lawyer Bae has the number one lawyer page on Instagram, has been featured in various publications including Forbes, TMZ and Huffington Post and featured on major network television.


Attorney J. Carter and Attorney Jessica Tehlirian formed the legal professional organization in 2018 after launching the viral Instagram page in 2017. They both shared the similar sentiment and experience that as young, attractive, black female attorneys they were not always taken as seriously by their more traditional legal counterparts. Both attorneys wanted to create a platform where non traditional legal professionals could be both celebrated and empowered with the tools they needed to enter law school and have sustaining legal careers especially those from underrepresented communities such as minorities, immigrants, women and LGBTQ. 

​ “I wanted to debunk the idea that if you look a certain way you are not capable of  being an attorney."
~Jessica Tehlirian   

“In this social media age, being a model, rapper, singer or reality star seems to be what  is only celebrated. I want to show the younger generation it’s also still cool to have a  traditional career like a lawyer and make a meaningful impact on the world and still  look good while doing it.”

~J. Carter 



All my life I felt like I had to choose between being a professional and being beautiful. I feared that if I allowed my outer beauty to be exposed people would not take me seriously as a lawyer. I will soon be in practice for four years and at this stage in my career I have come to accept both sides of myself. I created this website to showcase other attorneys that are not only outwardly attractive, but that are full of substance as well. I wanted to debunk the idea that if you look a certain way you are not capable of being an attorney. My hope for this website is that it will help remove some of these stereotypes.



Name: Jessica Tehlirian


Profession: Attorney

Areas of Practice: Criminal Defense and Personal Injury

Previous Employment: Prosecutor


  University of Michigan, Bachelor of Arts

  Florida State University College of Law, Juris Doctor & Business Law Certificate

  Florida State University College of Business, Master of Business Administration (Expected Graduation ’19)

Professional Style: Janelle Monae meets Annalise Keating 
Personal Style: Dresses, dresses and a side of more dresses 
Favorite Designer: H&M

Favorite Role Model: Napoleon Hill 
Favorite Law school course: Business Taxation 
If I wasn’t a lawyer I would be: Beyoncé but if that was taken a doctor 
Proudest Moment: Starting my blog 

Hobbies: Travel
Fun Fact: I was a licensed attorney before my 25th birthday. 
Favorite Quote: "Whether you believe you can or you can't either way you are right."


With the invention of social media, it appears people (especially women) are only glorified and promoted in society solely based on looks or what relationships they are in.  My goal in joining Jessica to launch Lawyer BAE LLC was to show the world that looks are great but having an education and goals are even better!  We hope this website will support and promote other stylish attractive legal professionals that are committed to business and entrepreneurship!


Name: J. Carter

Social Media:  @JCARTERESQ

Profession: Entertainment Attorney, Entrepreneur and Television Producer

Areas of Practice: Entertainment Law, Business Law, Estate Law

Previous Employment: Law Professor


 University of Virginia, Bachelor of Arts (Politics and Spanish)

 New York Law School, Juris Doctor & Patent Law Certificate

Professional Style: Scandal's Olivia Pope
Personal Style: RHOH Trina Shaw (shorts, dresses, skirts, jeans, blazers, heels)
Favorite Designer: Csriano, Alexander Wang,Valentino, Dior, DVF, Carolina Hererra, Cavalli, House of CB (Ok I'm going to stop lol...too many to name!)

Favorite Role Model: Michelle Obama and Claire Huxtable 
Favorite Law school course: Contracts
If I wasn’t a lawyer I would be: A Queen or Princess of a Country (I'm bossy and I love the royalty life!)
Proudest Moment: Swearing in for my law license in front of my father

Hobbies: Shopping, Spa Treatments, Fine Dining, Traveling, Museums, Writing, Meditating
Fun Fact: I am a trained dancer and can play two instruments. 
Favorite Quote: "To thine own self be true." ~Hamlet