In conjunction with our “Fight Against Police Brutality” campaign we have outlined below the launch of our “Get Out The Vote” Campaign. Please join us!


-Register to Vote 🗳 

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Prelimary dates >>> CLICK HERE for your state. 

Presidential Election Day NOVEMBER 3, 2020

-Confirm your Voter Registration

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-Sign up for a poll job HERE

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  • Donate Directly to our Get Out The Vote Fundraiser benefitting NAACP and providing transportation to get voters to the polls  >>> Click HERE.
  • Fund and Support Fair and Safe Voting Policies

The fundamental right of every eligible voter to cast their ballot and every resident to have their voice heard as a member of society are cornerstones of our democracy. How we deploy resources, make real the social norms and standards across every community, shape our daily lives through policy, and move forward the shared values of this country are all based on these foundational principles.

The COVID-19 pandemic has called into question how we as a nation can ensure elections are free of barriers for all eligible voters. This crisis requires the federal government, in partnership with states, to provide dedicated resources to guarantee that all communities—especially those systematically left behind—are included.

We are partnering with NAACP with the following initiatives: 

  • The Federal Government to provide funds to states to improve election administration and upgrade voting systems that comply with the CDC standard regarding COVID-19.
  • The Federal Government to create minimum standards for states to follow in several key areas of election administration to ensure full and safe voter participation such as an extended early voting period and vote-by-mail.
  • The Federal Government, through the Election Assistance Commission, must serve as a clearinghouse for election administration information that complies with the health standards to ensure safe and full voter participation.

 How You Can Help:

  • Donate towards our efforts to equip frontline advocates committed to raising awareness for political, educational, social, and economic equality for communities of color in the electoral and legislative process.
  • Sign-up to support our voting advocacy initiatives.




         2. THE LAWS

Congress and Senate
Please write your legislature to have them support the following recommended legislation  in your City/State. If you are willing to be a witness, please also mention that in your letter. Parts of California, New York and Louisville have recently passed some of the below into law. We want all 50 states!

-Ending Qualified Immunity where officers are shielded from lawsuits and accountability when they unlawfully act against citizens. 

-No Knock Warrants (during searches).

-No Choke Holds (during arrests).

Look up your legislator contact information here

Click here for an example letter template you can use for Immunity but you can also add info about no knock warrants and no choke holds.


-Tell your Mayor to support



LAWYER BAE CAPTAINS - Your Local Contact for our “Fight Against Police Brutality” and “Get Out The Vote” Campaigns


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