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5/16 “Lawyer Bae Graduation!”  (3 pm PST/ 6pm EST)- Attend the #Lawyer Bae Graduation by joining our IG live session and typing your full name and school on this form and we will read your name off during our roll call! Hear special commencement remarks from Lawyer and CNN Angela Rye, participate in a live Q&A from Lawyer Bae Owners J. Carter and Jessica and also be eligible for a giveaway!

4/4 “Corona Virus Medical and Legal Coverage with Dr. Ashby and Attorney J. Carter, Esq.” (3 pm PST/6pm EST) - $100 Cash Giveaway!

Answering questions like where Corona came from, where it attacks the body, testing and how can you survive an infection without a cure. Legal coverage will include public safety, martial law, employment law issues and of course info about your Stimulus payment as individual, married person and business owner! 


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4/1 “How to Survive and Make Profits During the Corona Virus as an Attorney Entrepreneur.” (4pm PST/7pm EST)

In this Webinar you will learn:
1. Drive Social Media to your Law Firm Website
2. Create Legal Resource Downloads
3. Create Courses on your Legal Expertise
4. Create Legal Webinars
5. How to make Paid Consultations a separate stream of income for your practice
6. How Adding a Blog and or Podcast will Grow Your Client Leads and Improve Conversion

$50 Registration Fee (also will receive free Financial Freedom Guide that includes a FREE Stock!)

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