SchoolBAE: A Law Student Goes into A Bar…

On October 4, 2014 Jessica Tehlirian, Esq. was created. Late that July was my opportunity to gain the title. I knew I had to pass on the first try; there was no do over for me. I had accepted a job that was to start the following Monday after the Bar and in order to do the job I needed to be licensed. Aside from having a job lined up I couldn't personally stomach the possibility of not passing the Bar on the first try. I was confident in my abilities but there was still the looming possibility that I could fail the most important test of my life.

When you’re in law school every person you cross will tell you how to pass the Bar and how you should be studying. I do not subscribe to this logic. Taking and passing the Bar for me was an intimate relationship much like that between a close friend or a love interest. Just as there is no one way to love there is no one-way to pass the Bar. Many get caught in the idea that in order to pass the Bar you can’t even breathe  without also doing a multiple choice question while exhaling, or that you have to promptly get up at the crack of dawn, etc. I will let you in on a secret, I don't recall ever forcing myself to get up before 10am while I was studying for the Bar. While studying for the Bar I would wake up when I felt ready, put on different comfy pjs and either study from my couch or take a chair at my law school’s library. When I wanted to talk to my friends I would do flash cards while listening to their latest gossip. As a big sister who has many siblings I got used to multi-tasking and being able to get my work done with other things going on. I would take breaks periodically to watch my favorite show and end up getting in to bed somewhere around 2-3am. This plan just worked for me. It never felt too forced, just that there was always a lot to be done. The Bar to me was never a tricky endeavor, just one full of material to master.

So here's what I did....

I used Kaplan as I was a rep during my last year in law school, so I paid $0. The course was helpful even though there were various scriveners and actual substantive errors. The below were my numbers:

  •      I passed the Bar the first time with a 154 (part A) and a 159 (part B)=  313. The required score is 272. I had an additional 41 points overall.
  •      I completed all of the requirements of my Kaplan course.
  •      I did 2449 multiple-choice questions (MBE MCQs).
  •      I did all 2455 fleX cards.
  •      I submitted at least 32 essays.
  •      I watched 144 hours of videos.

Me being sworn in for a little inspiration!


Lawyer Bae J.D. Coach Kit (real bar study guide including real MBE questions and more!):

Sample Study schedule:

I timed myself starting mid-June to ensure I was studying enough overall hours. When I timed myself I only counted the time when I was doing direct studying, not when I stopped for any reasons. The below are my study times in hours.

    • 6/16 6:57
    • 6/17 7:35
    • 6/18 7:39
    • 6/19 7:49
    • 6/20 9:30
    • 6/21 9:31
    • 6/22 7:15
    • 6/23 13:27
    • 6/24 10:00
    • 6/25 5:03
    • 6/26 9:51
    • 6/27 6:18
    • 6/28 9:05
    • 6/29 7:00
    • 6/30 7:05
    • 7/1 8:00
    • 7/2 8:18
    • 7/3 8:00
    • 7/4 5:31
    • 7/5 8:03
    • 7/6 9:13
    • 7/7 8:02
    • 7/8 8:32
    • 7/9 9:24
    • 7/10 9:48
    • 7/11 8:00
    • 7/12 9:39
    • 7/13 8:07
    • 7/14 12:07
    • 7/15 12:02
    • 7/16 8:02
    • 7/17 11:03
    • 7/18 10:01
    • 7/19 10:38
    • 7/20 8:13
    • 7/21 10:53
    • 7/22 10:01
    • 7/23 10:01
    • 7/24 11:29
    • 7/25 10:03
    • 7/26 10:06
    • 7/27 10:07

    Happy Studying!!


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