School Bae: Should I Get A Joint MBA/JD?


            As some of you may know I graduated law school in 2014 and I am currently pursuing my MBA degree (I finish in May 2019!!). A lot of people over the course of the years have asked me whether or not they should pursue a joint MBA degree. I decided to pursue the degrees consecutively instead of doing them at the same time.  I attended Florida State College of Law so my response is based on the school I attended and what I have heard about other schools. At FSU the program lasts a full four years and requires one hundred and nine credit hours in order to graduate.  One of the biggest issues with this program is that the joint degrees are confirmed concurrently, to that end you are not able to get one degree without earning both. Aside from that, you do not save time by doing the joint-degree as you could do them separately in the same four-year time frame. A benefit to doing them concurrently is that if you attend law school first you can start practicing law in three years instead of having to wait until your fourth year in order to work in the field. Also, if you work as an attorney upon graduation you may find yourself working in a position that covers your tuition one way or another. For me personally working for the State of Florida as a prosecutor my tuition was free during my time with the State. After leaving I have three classes remaining which will total around $4,500, which for me is rather cheap for an MBA. For you guys if you work in Florida for the government your tuition to state schools may be free for you. Additionally, I am able to work while earning my degree which allows me to earn a salary instead of using financial add to pay for my living expenses.

            For me I do not personally see a real benefit of doing the joint program, unless perhaps you find a program that will at least finish a semester or two sooner. The only other way I think it would be a sensible idea is if a student had a financial package that included both degrees. If you are going to be paying full price for tuition and completing the degree in four years you may want to reconsider your plan.  Always be sure to speak with the school counselor before making any decisions.

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