SchoolBae: Law Degree from Abroad?

InternationalBae: Law Degree from Abroad?!

by Jessica Gill

Instagram: @isthatjessicag

In the last year of my undergrad, I had the opportunity to spend one semester abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. During that time, I traveled to various countries in Europe and North Africa. I decided then and there that I would be continuing my education somewhere in Europe.

When I got back, I began researching what my options could be for going abroad, and still working toward my career goal of law. I quickly found that there is a popular option for Canadians to go to the United Kingdom to pursue their degree. 

When I told my friends and family that I will be getting my law degree from the UK, it took a while for them to wrap their heads around how that would work for me. Of course, it would make sense to study law where you live and intend to practice, but I personally don’t know if practicing in Canada is my end goal yet.

It’s been a year since I made the decision to apply and attend a British law school. I have just moved into my place in London, UK and have had introductory classes for my courses for the year. My program is filled with many international bright minds that all plan to study here and go back home to practice. My current plan is to stay in the UK once I have completed my degree and not necessarily practice as a lawyer but use the knowledge towards helping/creating an NGO, at least at first.

A law degree can be obtained in different ways, and can take you to different places, literally and professionally. This is the start of an epic journey! Going to school abroad may be the change of scenery you need!

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