SchoolBAE: To Party or Not to Party, That is the Question!

“When you go to law school you can kiss your social life goodbye.” “You can NEVER go out when you’re in law school.” “Friends? What are those? You’re married to your degree.” These are all things I heard before entering law school. 21-year-old Jessica wondered if she could give up traveling and partying for studying and taking tests. I thought for sure I had to make a choice. I spent my entire summer prior to entering law school in California making sure that I had as much fun as possible for the looming three year sentence I was set to face come the fall.

However, when I entered law school old habits had a way of dying hard. I continued to go out, sometimes as much as five or six times a week. I continued to hear that this was a terrible idea and that it would impact my chances of passing my classes. When the semester was over I finished with 2As and 2A-s. I was rather satisfied with my grades my first semester in law school. These were the grades I achieved even while maintaining my social life. I had a perfect schedule that just worked for me. I went to class M-Th from 9am-12pm. I came home and took a nap from 12:30pm-2pm. Then I studied from around 3pm-9:30pm. After my studying was over I would typically get dressed and head out to my favorite spots. I would tell myself not to think about going out until my studying was over and I would typically adhere to this rule.

Now, fast forward to 2018 I have to be dragged to the club kicking and screaming! I am still glad that I spent my early twenties both working hard at school and enjoying my life. I do not believe you have to give up one to have the other. As with anything in life it is important to maintain a balance that works for you. The balance I had the first year of law school just worked for me and I don't regret one party:)



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