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Who goes to Jamaica for one night? Me. I recently started a job, so I am trying to ensure that I am actually at work on the weekdays. However, I still love to travel, so the weekends are the perfect chance for me to do so. I decided to go to Montego Bay since I had never been and it wasn’t too far of a flight. I landed in Jamaica around 10am on a Saturday. When we first got there our lovely AirBNB host picked us up from the airport and took us to our new home. We dropped our bags off and immediately headed to Doctor’s Cave, which is a popular beach in Montego Bae. There is a $6/person charge at this beach. The beach has Wi-Fi but it tends to be spotty. The beach itself was very beautiful covered in white sand that kissed the blue skies.

After a while on this beach we met a local who took us to another beach that was around 30 minutes down the road. This beach had almost no tourists, no cover and was a more relaxed vibe. Locals had set up a bar on a table and were selling other goods on this beach. We listened to music, drank coconut water and frolicked in the waves. We did this for a while until hunger took over us as we only had eaten $2 beef and veggie patties (which by the way were delicious) in the airport. Our next stop was The Pelican Grill. My food was tasty and they even had a vegetarian option for me (rice and peas and curried vegetables). After eating we were drained from the sun and full bellies so we went home to take a nap.


When we got up we went to the roof top pool of our AirBNB. We later went back to the Hip-Strip to find food. The only problem was that the many restaurants on the strip close for the most part at 10:30pm. The only food that remained was the street meat (I’m a vegetarian so that didn't work for me) and Burger King, so I lamentably had Burger King. We were just thirty minutes too late to have the type of food we craved. After that we decided to retire as we were pretty exhausted. There was a party going on at Margaritaville, which is just a regular bar with food in the daytime, but we were too tired to attend. The next day we got up and went to breakfast at the place next door. They served American style breakfast, the food was simply okay.

Overall, we had a great time in our short stay in Jamaica. I would definitely stay with my AirBNB host again. She can get you anything you need and with a smile. Next time I go my stay will be longer than a night!

Here are some tips and links to make for a perfect Jamaica stay!


During the day we had no issues dealing with our safety. I will point out that everyone you encounter for the most part will be trying to sell you something, whether it’s clothes or a cab ride. That got a bit overwhelming after a while. During the nighttime the place where we were staying had bars on the windows, a rope in front blocking cars from parking there, a gate and a security guard so we did not feel like our safety was compromised in our unit. However, when we initially decided to walk to get food (30 minutes away) three minutes in our walk we were confronted by a man asking for money that followed us for a bit, so we decided to go back and call a cab. The cab that was called took us to an area on the way to where we were going that seemed rather high crime and four large dogs that actually jumped at the car, which made us both very glad we decided against walking. I would not recommend walking around at night. Aside from the aforementioned, people drive on the opposite side of the street so you also have to be aware of the dangers of getting hit by a vehicle. All in all we felt safe during the day and you will likely be safe if you play it smart and don’t just wander around in the middle of the night.


Please keep in mind when going to Jamaica that things happen slowly here. The expression “on island time” is lived out here to the fullest. It can be relaxing, but if you are in a hurry please make sure to budget extra time for cabs, food, etc. to come.

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Sounds like a great time! Thanks for sharing. Lovely pics

Herine Baron

I love how this trip was very in detailed and having weekend trips is actually a great idea.

Herine Baron
Margaux No. 5

I love the photos and the content!

Margaux No. 5

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