TravelBAE: The Concrete Jungle!

For Valentine’s Day this year my personal bae surprised me with a variety of gifts, my favorite of which was third row seats to see the Lion King Play on Broadway in NYC. I have been to NYC a variety of times but this time I was most excited. I felt like a kid again to be going back to watch something that I loved as a youth.

The day was finally here. I wondered what it would be like. Would the play be silent or would it have all the words I was accustomed to as a child? Would I still like it as an adult? Would I have outgrown this childish memory? All these thoughts were put to rest as soon as the play started. Dazzling lights, background change after background change, makeup that would put the best IG girls to shame and so many other features made this play a homerun. I was filled with joy from watching it and felt nostalgia as many memories as a kid started to come over me. I felt myself smiling the entire play. It was what I expected if what I expected was on steroids and happy pills.


This play is pretty much perfect for anyone whether you’re an infant in arms, 20 something taking yourself on a date or if you’re there for your hundredth birthday. There was literally nothing that could have been done to make the play any better. I am so glad I got to experience it and I strongly recommend everyone to go while it is still playing. You will not be disappointed!

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